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Most of the other tribes center around one type or region of wine. With this tribe I want to create a virtual wine tasting group. List your favorite types of wines, get new things to try, find out about local vineyards. RSS Feed what is XML?

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article on bacteria/fungi influence on wines  topic
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wine camping  photo flag
hyper - decanting wines  topic
Carmenere  topic
Carmenere grapes  photo flag
Wine?  topic
Amy Wine-house  photo flag
joel peterson (ravenswood founder)  topic
the truth about wine prices (and greed)  topic
wine from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley  topic
wine songs  topic
Bio Wines  topic
Beaujolais, anyone?  topic
French Pinot suppliers convicted…  topic
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best wines under $20  topic
New Wine Blog  topic
Wines that are kosher for Passover  topic
Wine Balance  topic
How to train your wine palate  topic
attention Portland wine enthusiasts:  topic
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hey newbie with a question  topic
I love it love it LOVE.... Wine  topic

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